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What do our readers have to say?

This is by far one of the greatest things I’ve read! The story was clever, enticing, and it was set up magnificently! A breath of fresh air compared to most of the gay fiction out there. And the characters were so lovable despite the short time we had to get attached to them! Not to mention the breathtaking art!”

– N.

“I just wanted to say how much I’ve loved Engaging the Enemy, how much I am looking forward to the future of the Young Protectors, but mostly how this comic has made me feel as a gay guy who never had heroes like this growing up, I really, really appreciate it and it makes me feel so normal and a part of something… Much love!”

– Xavier M.

“I’ve recently been starving for LGBTQ and M/M romance story lines. I had no idea the level of craftsmanship and depth I would find. I’m utterly mind blown! I started with YP and now finished Artifice… I didn’t want them to end.”

– Ricardo G.

“In a world of disposable “entertainment” THE YOUNG PROTECTORS is a huge present. You gave me the book I desperately wanted as a closeted 15 year-old gay boy.

– Christopher D.

“Great story! This definitely stands out from the crowd, a real gem. I’m happy to see a well written and thought out plot, that isn’t just pointless smut, but a story where you can actually feel for the characters.”

– Lumi L.

I’ve loved every bit of this story…. all the feels…the twists and turns no one saw coming no matter how hard we watched out for them…the wonderful artwork and the realism of the characters. Can’t wait for the next arc.”

– TwilightDreamer

“I just -loved- it. It was intense, made me hold my breath, tear up, the works.”

– BatSpork

“Congratulations, you and Winona made the best webcomic I have ever read

– Pronombre


"Comic fans who love sci-fi, action, and gay romance won’t want to miss Alex Woolfson and Winona Nelson’s new graphic novel Artifice. Not only because the story features gay protagonists, but because the comic portrays their relationship as completely normal."
The Advocate
"...the narrative grips the reader from the first panel to the last, treating the audience to a moving rumination on love, free will, sexuality, and the question of whether a machine can feel. Woolfson and Nelson cover this familiar territory with fresh eyes, bolstered by solid artwork; it’s an emotional winner that deserves notice."
Publishers Weekly
"[The Young Protectors is] a glorious book, beautifully produced, and Alex and Adam (and Veronica Gandini, who did the coloring) have done an amazing job."
Queer Sci Fi

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Alex Woolfson and I’m the writer and publisher of these comics. As a gay kid growing up, I never got to see what I wanted to see, and that was science-fiction and action stories with heroes, real heroes, who just happened to like other guys.

So, after a successful career as a filmmaker, that’s why I started making these comics.  In particular, I wanted to make comics that were just as good as what the straight boys get, but for us. And now, with the support of readers like you, it’s my full-time job!

What do I do?

I write the scripts and art direct all the stories, and I keep the lights on around here.

And I’ve hired some of the best artists in the industry to create these pages.

Who are the artists?

Winona Nelson, artist for the graphic novel Artifice, has worked in comics, video games, and illustration for over ten years. She trained in classical realism applied to entertainment art in San Francisco and worked in video game studios before going freelance. She now focuses on comics, fantasy and science fiction book covers, and card game art.

Adam DeKraker is an illustrator and comic book artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Throughout his career, he’s had the opportunity to draw lots of stories starring his childhood heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, The Legion of Super-Heroes, and The Teen Titans.

He creates all the gorgeous linework for the main arcs of The Young Protectors.

Veronica Gandini is a comic book colorist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Colorist in 2011, she has colored series such as Spider-Man and X-Men for Marvel and, most recently, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Batman and the Outsiders for DC Comics and Captain Ginger for Ahoy Comics.

She creates all the stunning colors for the main arcs of The Young Protectors.

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